Winter is coming! What better time of year, to cosy up with a blanket on a cold evening, indulging in some cake, with an absolute powerhouse of a book! Feet up, cosy up, enjoy.. A comprehensive list of books to gift, purchase and read, for empowerment, liberation, motivation and MORE! 1. Body Positive Power by … Continue reading MUST READ BOOKS for EMPOWERMENT

Fat Girl Can

Fat Girl Can, And I promise, she will. She knows no limits, Self-doubt, she kills.   She taught herself, The way she looks is fine, There is no doubt inside her, She knows her own mind.   The world can be cruel, But she knows best, To speak up, speak loud, So, she clears her … Continue reading Fat Girl Can

Self Love

'Self Love' can seem like a bit of a narcissistic phrase. It is strange, isn't it? We so easily say, that we love objects, other people, clothes, places, and things, but find it difficult to say that we love ourselves. We live in a little bubble of fear, kind of like dipping your toe into … Continue reading Self Love