I wrote this at 21.52pm, on Monday the 9th July, 2018, the day before my Dad's results. Tomorrow (or today, as you read this), Tuesday 10th July, 2018, we recieve the results of my Dad's Cancer scan. People wish for many things. Some people wish for wealth, some for happiness, some for material objects. Every … Continue reading Goodbye


I actually haven’t had a Starbucks in ages, but I’ve been fancying one a lot, lately.  I was scrolling through my Instagram and I found that one thing that accelerates the closer you get to 2012, is images of my hands holding Caramel Coffee Frappuccino’s with extra caramel syrup and drizzle, over and over again. … Continue reading Starbucks

Vegan Donuts & Pink Parcel

On Tuesday, The Wonders Of... hosted an engaging Bloggers Meet Brands event in Steinbeck and Shaw, Cardiff. The event was in panel style, and in true blogger form there were many questions and moments of inquisitiveness from both the Brands and the Bloggers in Attendance. Photo: @abb.jpg on instagram, @beaumondebakery vegan donuts Yasmin, the founder … Continue reading Vegan Donuts & Pink Parcel