The Roxy Effect

Roxanne Pallett, 35, decided to attempt to completely tear Ryan Thomas, 34, career to shreds, when making conscious decision, to lie about an incident that occurred in the Celebrty Big Brother house, 2018. Here is the incident in full: The entire nation watched, as Corries Jason Grimshaw, "punched" "woman beat", uh, I don't know … Continue reading The Roxy Effect

Bread and Butter

I sat outside Sainsburys in my car, tucking into a sandwich. The contents of which, do not matter, but the fact that I'm eating one, does. I looked around me, at the people walking past. All going about their daily lives, no one giving a flying shit about me. And I kind of spiralled out … Continue reading Bread and Butter

Self Love

'Self Love' can seem like a bit of a narcissistic phrase. It is strange, isn't it? We so easily say, that we love objects, other people, clothes, places, and things, but find it difficult to say that we love ourselves. We live in a little bubble of fear, kind of like dipping your toe into … Continue reading Self Love