The USB Pet Rock: A Theory

Have you ever:

• Restricted your fashion choices, by means of hiding your body?

• Chosen an outfit, specifically to cover up areas of your body?

• Put something on, only to decide, that actually, it might not be flattering on you?


Listen, carefully and closely – your body was not created, to be covered up by clothing.

Your body was created to be seen. To be heard. To be valued.

Bodily ‘ideals’ were created by people. By us.

Any other guesses, as to what else was created by people?

The USB Pet Rock. (Please don’t google it, it’s honestly not worth your time). Yes, it’s a fucking rock, that plugs into your laptop via USB and does absolutely.. you guessed it, jack shit.

Let’s be honest with each other here.

You look at yourself in the mirror. You have tried on multiple outfits. You’re upset. We’ve all been there.

But instead of staring at the parts, that you have been conditioned to hate, and cursing them. Stare at yourself and tell yourself that it is okay to exist. It’s hard at first. I know. But it gets easier each time, that, I can promise.

Who is right? Who is wrong? Who is anybody to tell me, how to exist in my own damn body?

If there were right and wrong, it would be written in the law. It would be carved into stone. This is the only body that is beautiful, that is the only face that should be seen.. but no such law exists.

The only law that exists, and should exist, when it comes to how your body is perceived, is the law of attraction:

Tell yourself you are beautiful, and you are. See beauty in everything, and beauty will come into your life. Put out good, and good will return.

Your beauty cannot be compared.

If you ever feel like you’re being compared by society, by other humans. Just think to yourself: Who put those comparisons in place? Who made me believe that I am not ideal? Oh, Yep, the USB Pet Rock people, that’s who!

My point being, it is so easy – to read a comment, an article (by Piers Morgan, maybe?), to watch a video or see something occur around you, that makes you feel invalid, and allow it to control you.

It would be simple, wouldn’t it. To allow opinions of others, to become the basis that you live your life on.

Do not.

You are valid as you are. Stronger than you know. More beautiful than any other beautiful thing that you see today. You are such, because you believe it. I swear on anything, I will make you believe it.

Imperfections are a concept. They only exist, if you believe that they do. The moment you stop giving imperfections the power, they cease to exist. Imperfections were thought up by the USB Pet Rock people, guys. They are an idea. (And a shit one at that).

The next time a thought comes into your head – an emotion that makes you feel invalidchallenge it. Your body is yours. You own it. You need to give less thought to the opinions of others, and listen to your inner self.

When you feel compared, less worthy, challenged by society; when you feel less than ideal, too fat, too short, too skinny; remember – the ideals were put in place, by people that were capable of creating and launching the USB Pet Rock. They thought of this idea, brought it to life, and put it out for sale..

..and millions, and millions of people.. bought it.

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