The Roxy Effect

Roxanne Pallett, 35, decided to attempt to completely tear Ryan Thomas, 34, career to shreds, when making conscious decision, to lie about an incident that occurred in the Celebrty Big Brother house, 2018.

Here is the incident in full:

The entire nation watched, as Corries Jason Grimshaw, “punched” “woman beat“, uh, I don’t know what to call it?.. Roxanne.

I don’t know if anybody else felt this, but as I was watching live, I thought nothing of the initial incident. However, as soon as Roxanne held her opposite side, whilst exclaiming in jest that it had hurt her.. I did have a very strange feeling in my tummy.

But then Roxanne proceeds to the bedroom, and continues to make such remarks, it was then, then that I knew.

I was honestly in so much shock at the time, that I felt well and truly gutted and ashamed.

The series of events then lead to Roxanne leaving the #CBBUK house, following her involving all of the housemates, and attempting to alienate Ryan.

You can catch up on the entire series of events here.

But, why does this matter so much?

It is probably the strongest I’ve ever felt about an incident of its sort, on the TV.

Roxanne used her own identity as a woman, to attempt to take down a man.

She built a narrative, a beginning, a middle.. and, fortunately, we did not see how her ending, intended to pan out.

Some phrases, quoted via CBB, that Roxanne used to describe her incident with Ryan Thomas.

“woman beater” – used lightly, at the epicentre of the initial ‘feud‘ .

“..this is why women don’t speak up..” used toward the men in the house, upon questioning of her erratic behaviour, and calling her out for lying.

“.. I don’t feel safe.” Used as a trigger word, toward Big Brother, in order to manipulate how they intended to take the situation forward.

“.. he is manipulating.. big brother” exclaims Roxanne, attempting to turn the tables.

Click here to watch a quick video summary, showcasing the utterly disgraceful, manipulative, and controlling language used by Roxy during the course of the situation.

People, all over the globe, are fighting for women’s rights. There are people in countries that still do not have rights. But here, we have a grown woman, using her own sexuality as a weapon against a man. In the most shameful way possible.

Roxanne knows how the world works. She presumed that the world would take notice of her, and disregard Ryan. I am almost certain that she already had the headlines, news articles, and cover stories, flying around her head. Roxanne thought she could get away with it. Roxanne thought that this would be the making of her, and the breaking of Ryan Thomas.

What makes me most emotional, is the way Ryan Thomas (Jason Grimshaw), held himself with the upmost poise and certainty. He did, break down. And I did worry about his mental health. But he will come out the other side a much, much, stronger person. (For more information on male suicide and mental health, click here).

I have seen news outlets use the word Gentleman, to describe Ryan Thomas, to support him with his generous and kind response to Roxanne. The only word I can think to use is admirable.

Ryan stated to Roxy: “.. this does not have to be the breaking of either of us..”

This person, attempted to take him down, and swallow his career whole. A mockery has been made, by Roxanne, of genuinely, life threatening and dangerous relationships.

Roxanne has come out and stated that she had been in a violent relationship, previously. But through the use of such language as stated above, it is extremely clear what her intentions were, with regards to this situation in particular. It is extremely important to note, that whatever she has been through, the nation supports her. However, the nation cannot condone manipulative behaviour. (For domestic abuse support, mental health support, and general help, click here)

What she has in fact done, is elevate Ryan, higher than she ever intended to, herself.

Fortunately, the cameras were rolling, but there is always a niggling thought in the back of my mind, about what would have been the outcome if they weren’t.

Roxanne Pallett, Ryan has forgiven you, but your ‘Apology’ interview, with no sorry in sight, just doesn’t cut it for us.

What I do hope, is that Roxanne gets the help that she needs.

You are sorry that you’ve ruined your career, you, however, are not sorry, that you have attempted to dismantle a man.

[sources, pictures and words: Channel 5, The Guardian, The Express]

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