Self Love

‘Self Love’ can seem like a bit of a narcissistic phrase.

It is strange, isn’t it? We so easily say, that we love objects, other people, clothes, places, and things, but find it difficult to say that we love ourselves.

We live in a little bubble of fear, kind of like dipping your toe into the unknown sea on holiday, and squirming when a bit of seaweed floats past, and brushes on your skin.

The phrase self love used to make me squirm, too. I did, in fact, recoil when I first heard it.

I know now, that the reason I –shuddered-, at ‘self love’, was because I didn’t quite understand it. It was the unknown to me, and I never thought I needed to know what it was.

I thought there was a category of people that could say it, a certain Instagram community that could hashtag it, and be done with the phrase. But I have learnt, over time, that self love, is more than just a phrase, a hashtag, or a caption.

It’s a feeling that you get, right in the middle of your chest, and it lifts you.

It makes you feel whole.

It ticks something off of your list, for you not to worry about every morning.

It is a genuine, powerful, and underestimated feeling that cannot be defined by words alone.

I promise you, the more you say it, the less –shuddering- you’ll do.

Self love is self respect. Respecting yourself enough, to know your worth and stand by your own decisions and choices.

It’s knowing. Knowing that you have everything inside of you that you will ever need, to succeed, achieve, and grow.

Self love is knowing that your fat, but saying, “okay, I’m fat. But it suits me. And I look good in this, and this, and this.” Because we have grown up in the idea, that it’s not okay to say that we like the way we look. I see people on Instagram, justifying why they’re posting another selfie from the same night. I know this because I was this.

You do not have to justify yourself to anybody. You mustn’t justify what you’re doing to anybody. You like the picture? Post the bloody thing. Because you look good. You have a good idea? Share it or put it into action. You want to start a YouTube channel? Oh, for goodness sake, DO IT! Start that blog, buy that underwear, wear that tight dress on a night out, you’ll rock it.

Have faith in yourself, that you’ve got a purpose, and that purpose won’t be fulfilled whilst sitting and wondering what others may think.

Love yourself enough to trust yourself.

It’s okay to say that you love yourself. It’s not cringy. I can love a cushion cover, but can’t love myself? Of course I CAN.

And I will.

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