£1 Shoes and DIY Facemasks

I love nothing more than spending my money, guilty as charged!

However, lately I’ve accidentally stumbled across a couple of alternatives to usually more expensive treats, and I’ve been desperate to share them!

I can sometimes spend more than £60 on a decent face mask. I absolutely love the instant gratification of having glowing skin, a healthy looking complexion, or minimised pores. I take so much enjoyment from sitting and enjoying an evening in the bath with my favourite Glamglow, Origins, or No7 mask.

This past month, I have ditched the ready made masks, and embarked upon my own DIY mask journey.

I have always loved a sheet mask, mainly because of their convenience but also because I feel like I get the most out of them. I had these compressed tissue masksfrom eBay. They cost less than £3, and to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t know what to do with them, and I forgot I had them for over 4 months!

I opened the little packet after forgetting I had them, and realised that they were dry packed tissue masks, and I squealed with excitement! The possibilities with this mask were endless!

Green tea face masks. Honey and lemon face masks. Tea tree? Limitless combinations!

However, the simplest mask to date, that I can do every single night and costs not a penny more, are toner sheet masks!

I take a small bowl, pop the compressed mask out of its packet, and add 7-10 drops of toner.

The little mask tablet expands, and once all of the toner is absorbed, you can unravel the now-expanding tissue, to reveal a fully fledged sheet mask. Revolutionary.

This is such a simple idea, and after starting this month with a bad skin day (…week), after repeating my cleansing regime daily, followed by this little additional step every other day, my skin is healing, clearing, and much, much smoother. My pores are minimised, as it is toner, after all, and I am suffering with barely any breakouts, whatsoever.

Lately, I’ve been on the look out for a decent pair of sliders. I know, sliders, (sigh, and sorry, I’m late to the party). But!!!! I was yet to find my perfect pair.

That was, until, browsing Home Bargains with no aim nor reason, I found these beauties…

And yes. You guessed it. They were just over one pound. ONE POUND!

I saw them in various different colours, but I went for the green. They’re stunning, and so, so comfortable.

Bargain, right?

What are your bargains of the month? I’m always up for a recommendation.


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Hellena says:

    I love this!! I’m going to try this mask routine! Love from US ❤


    1. dream0graphy says:

      I love it! It’s so simple! Send me your mask ideas!


  2. CheriseBlogger says:

    what is the equivalent to homeBargains in the US or NY? thank you


    1. dream0graphy says:

      I’m not sure if there is one, I think it is exclusively a British store, I may be wrong but if I find out otherwise I will let you know!


  3. PinaColadaSpanishBlog says:

    I love this mask idea OMG!


    1. dream0graphy says:

      It’s so cute and simple isn’t it! I can’t believe I hadn’t done it sooner


  4. ShpielbergWrite says:

    Comment to moderator:
    Please link the shoes directly thank you


    1. dream0graphy says:

      Hi Shpielbergwrite – I’m so sorry I cannot find a direct link to the shoes online, if I find one I will post it here!


  5. Karrengmail says:

    Sheet masks are so scary to me lol I doubt my husband would like it ! Love the idea love


    1. dream0graphy says:

      My other half hates them too 😂 and I use that to my advantage! #10minutespeace!!


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