Vegan Donuts & Pink Parcel


On Tuesday, The Wonders Of… hosted an engaging Bloggers Meet Brands event in Steinbeck and Shaw, Cardiff. The event was in panel style, and in true blogger form there were many questions and moments of inquisitiveness from both the Brands and the Bloggers in Attendance.

@abb.jpg @beaumondebakery

Photo: @abb.jpg on instagram, @beaumondebakery vegan donuts

Yasmin, the founder of The Wonders Of… hosted a panel with bloggers and brands, featuring (instagram) @laurasidestreet @deliciousmonstertea @luluandboo_organics and @stylerarebit, taking questions and giving an insight into what they do to engage with each other, and create a successful personal brand. It’s so motivating to sit in a room with like-minded people like yourself, who love nothing more than to write and be creative. I find myself leaving these events full of inspiration, ideas and motivation. I spend the following four hours making notes on my phone for future reference. All of the ladies in attendance all have something wonderful to bring to the table, and I think that’s what makes it so special.

@popaball sponsored the evening, with their brilliant Prosecco-complimenting decorations and additions, I have to say I’ve never enjoyed a glass of Prosecco so much in my life!

Photo: @abb.jpg, @popaball products

The evening was fed and fuelled by @beaumondebakery and her fantastic Vegan Donuts and Cupcakes! They were absolutely stunning, and I’m sure @rhisonablyinteresting would agree too, we couldn’t get enough of them!

We left the event with an incredible goody bag, that was so well thought out and so well put together. We had some organic skincare from @luluandboo_organics, which smells incredible! From the latest months @pinkparcel subscription box, we had a gorgeous and indulging box of treats. Read to the end for a discount on their incredible box! We also had some extremely instagram-worthy Illuminating Face Shimmer from @nourishskinrange! @virtuedrinks also dropped us a can or two of their tasty drinks.

I left the evening feeling well-informed, and with a head buzzing with ideas. I just can’t wait for the next event, as I’m not sure anything could top this one!

If you’re a blogger or a brand, and you’re interested in attending an event, visit @thewondersofevents on instagram or to see how you could be inspired..


Thank me later…

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