Sneering At Fat People

When I came across a page about the ‘monstrosities’ that are ‘fat people’, I couldn’t help but feel like there was something wrong. I had a gut feeling, and I knew scrolling was a bad idea.

And then I found it. A thread, dedicated to me – (and I won’t go into to much detail of the content of such post, as I honestly think my blog would be deleted)

And can you imagine how I felt? The outrage? The tears?

.. I felt nothing. In fact, I closed the page, and opened up Instagram, and scrolled.

I carried on.

How is it, that you can change your perspective on yourself, entirely. How have I come to a point in my life, where I can read this, and just move on?

It wasn’t until about 7pm that same day that I went to my history and re-opened this thread. I read it once, and I read it again. Why wasn’t I feeling anything?

I have grown out of ‘sneering at fat people’. I no longer have the time to waste over-analysing myself. I have grown out of believing that the only thing that solely matters, is my appearance, my weight or my size.

Other people’s opinions are not my failures, they are my successes. They are my successes, because I can prove to myself that I value my own opinion over others. I do not have to prove myself to anyone. We shouldn’t judge, undermine or underestimate each other.


I recently had a post pop up on my Instagram feed, by Emma Tamsin Hill (YouTube) and honestly forgive me for shouting about her all of the time, but she is so relevant right now. She posted about something that recently happened to her, regarding an ex University Tutor, and a message that had been sent to someone by this trusted person, about Emma and her weight. She honestly is incredible and you should go and check her Instagram out (linked below), as she has so much to say.

In an ideal world we would all harmonise: but until then, follow some of these amazing women that will put your war with yourself to rest! And some other amazing people that just make me feel good.

One thought on “Sneering At Fat People

  1. Haha can’t believe somebody actually posted that about you! I have been both ends of the spectrum a size 10 and now a size 18 but I am exactly the same bloody person and the only person my weight affects is me….anyone else can mind their own damn business! Like I once read,someone’s comments say a LOT more about themselves than they do about you

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