Keeping Up Appearances

There must come a point when we are tired of hating what we see in the mirror. When we give up on giving up on ourselves. What is the point of carrying on through life; disappointed by what you see in reflections, feeling underwhelmed when something doesn’t look as good on you as it did in your head.

Allow yourself to be that person inside your head, the one that looks good in the skirt you picked up, the one that paired that sleeveless top so well with every pair of trousers and skirt that they own. I allow myself to be who I am in my head, confident, sometimes weary, but still confident. I hardly always look my absolute best but that is ok. I don’t always have to. No one has to

I lived with a fear that I’d meet someone important, someone new, when I didn’t quite look my best. I’d fear that I’m ruining my own chances of progressing in life by not always looking my best. That day I didn’t wear lashes, I’d regret it. The day I didn’t cover my arms up, I’d regret it. 

Working with makeup, I find so many people will say to me “don’t look at my face today; I usually wear a lot more makeup!” Who am I to judge? And who made this person feel that they have to say that to me? We shouldn’t have to explain why we look the way we do, nor should we have to justify it, to others or ourselves. So let’s all start by stopping.

Why don’t we stop explaining ourselves and start forgiving ourselves, we don’t have to be sorry for appearing any certain way, and we certainly shouldn’t feel like we’ve wronged ourselves by not keeping up appearances. Today I’ll forgive myself, and tomorrow I’ll dress up. At least then we all have the choice without feeling obliged – remember you owe others no explanations – I look like this today, because I do. 

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